The man accused of a 2009 murder in the basement of Harvard’s Kirkland House will have a separate trial for charges involving an armed robbery of two 2009 Yale grads, the Harvard Crimson reported.

Two freshmen emailed the “” Tuesday evening explaining that they will be “making sick custom pinnies for Spring Fling.” The jerseys feature a Yale bulldog leaning on a keg and cost $19.

Ivy covered bars. After her daughter pointed a gun to her face and pistol whipped her, a mother in southwest Florida decided not to press charges against the daughter because she had been accepted to several Ivy League schools, the Associated Press reported. The girl also made her mother drive her to a used car dealership to purchase a car.

Sloane Physics Laboratory’s women’s bathroom now has free tampons available in a pink, flowery basket.

Meatless Mondays. The Yale Animal Welfare Alliance produced a video in which students explained why they are going “meatless on Mondays.” “I go meatless on Monday because 78 percent of women agree, vegetarianism is sexy,” one male said.

Keep an eye out around campus tonight. Senior singing groups the Whiffenpoofs and Whim ’n Rhythm are tapping their new members tonight.

Three students wearing pajamas were spotted lingering in the Yale University Art Gallery at the beginning of Tuesday’s “The Formation of Modern American Culture, 1920 to the Present.” It seemed as if the students were going to play a prank — there was a fourth with a camera — but they left when they realized that the professor would not be attending because a film was being screened.

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was on campus Tuesday. In addition to giving an Ezra Stiles Master’s Tea, Richardson participated in the Yale Political Union debate on the topic “Resolved: Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

Nobel Laureate and Director of the National Cancer Institute Harold Varmus spoke at the final Directed Studies Colloquium Tuesday on “Why and How Governments Support Science.”


1981 President Ronald Reagan is shot. News sources report that alleged gunman John Hinckley had attended Yale, but Yale Director of Public Information Walter Little says he found no record that Hinckley was either a “regular or special student.”