With regular admission offers going out to prospective members of the class of 2015 today, Yale is offering a total of 2,006 acceptances. As such, the current rate of admission to Yale College dropped to 7.35 percent from 7.5 percent last year at this time.

The college had a record number of 27,282 applicants for the class of 2015, and 996 students have been offered a place on Yale’s waitlist.

Last year, Yale’s admission rate was 7.5 percent before students were offered admission off the waitlist — 1,941 out of 25,869 applicants were accepted. 932 applicants were waitlisted last year, and 98 eventually received offers of admission.

Correction: March 30, 2011

A previous version of this article said Yale is making 2,006 offers of admission today. In fact, this is the total number of offers being made to potential members of the class of 2015, including those admitted from the pool of early applicants.