Brace yourself, Yale: Tiffany Pang ’12 is the new Rebecca Black.

Pang kicked off her campaign for senior class treasurer Monday by releasing a parody video that raises one question: what?! The video, titled “I am Yale, and So Can You,” features shots of Pang and several other Yale women dancing around and mocking lowlights of today’s pop culture — most notably, a protracted scene in which Pang and pals ride in a car and sing their own version of Black’s “Friday.”

“Is this campaign a joke? Yes. Am I serious about it? Also yes,” Pang says. “Is it fun? Hell yes. So a vote for me is a vote for fun, and Stephen Colbert.”

According to her Facebook event, Pang, or “TPANG,” as she has styled herself, has built her campaign entirely around bringing comedian Stephen Colbert to speak at commencement, and hopes to organize “the most bodacious senior activities and parties Yale has yet to see.” First she’ll have to take down Ben Schenkel ’12 and Kevin Adkisson ’12, who are running on a joint ticket for treasurer and secretary, respectively.

Voting in the senior class officer elections begins Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. and ends Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

We could say more about the video, but we’re kind of at a loss for words, so watch for yourself.

UPDATE: Tuesday 4:00 p.m.

Voting began this morning and there is even more competition. Serrena Iyer ’12 is also running for treasurer and Adam Weiner ’12 is putting his hat in the secretary category.