If you still find yourself plagued by a case of spring break withdrawal syndrome, the antidote lies tucked away in Silliman’s Maya’s Room. In “Delusions of Grandeur,” student photographer Kathryn Brown ’12 provides a haven within New Haven, a mini-vacation for those who didn’t really have one over spring break. Or for those who did, and just need another.

At first glance, “Delusions of Grandeur” seems to feature a mixture of unrelated subjects — a stone lion, a determined-looking nun, an empty stage, a man in a field. The pervading theme of solitude had me meandering my way through all of the photos the first time feeling half lonely, half lost. The labels that normally give clueless, wandering art nomads like me all the answers.

So I took a second look. Then it hit me.

This time, I noticed a recurring backdrop: an arching sky — blue, grey, cloudless, or overcast. The tied it all together. Or that’s what I would’ve written on the labels, anyway.

Go have a look for yourself. You don’t need a ticket; you don’t need a passport. You just have to be willing to write your own mental label. I’m sure yours will probably say something different than mine did, but that’s the beauty of Brown’s grand delusion: you can’t get it wrong.