Delta Psi Epsilon, a Christian sorority, is looking to open a chapter at Yale, the News reported Tuesday. According to the sorority’s founder and national president, Vila-Sheree Watson, Delta Psi Epsilon allows women to be part of Greek life without “having to compromise their Christian values.” Despite its religious affiliation, the sorority accepts female members of all denominations, and if it succeeds in expanding to Yale it would be the fourth sorority on campus. As Delta Psi Epsilon is taking steps to gauge student interest — it would need at least 6 members to form a chapter — and inform University officials of its intentions, we asked students what they would think of this new addition.

“I’m actively not interested in joining. But I think they have every right to be here, if people want it. We already have a Jewish frat, which is comparable to that. We already have religious frats like AEPi. If there is enough interest, why not?”

  • Jessica Hsieh ’12

“I’m a bit neutral about the whole issue. I think the church community here already offers enough of a sense of fellowship. I’m a Christian myself, and I’m really active in St. Thomas More. My visceral reaction to [Delta Psi Epsilon] was, that’s a bit weird. To be fair, I understand the value in fraternities and sororities, but I don’t think it’s a necessary part of the Yale campus.”

  • Nicole Endsley ’13

“I think it’d be cool. If people are interested, go for it. I’m not in any sorority, so I wouldn’t join, but if people want to, that’s fine. I think a lot of people who want to be in sororities do get in, so I’m not sure how much demand there would be.”

  • Taylor Cramm ’12

“I don’t really have a strong opinion. I think frats have a stronger presence on campus than sororities, so I don’t think an additional one will make a difference. Sororities seem a lot more low-key. It will be interesting to see how it ties into existing organizations like YCF [Yale Christian Fellowship].”

  • Sonia Gupta ’11

“As long as it’s a positive institution that contributes to student life, I’m totally for it. Yale students spend a lot of time doing things that are self-serving. I think that a sorority that focuses on bringing positive contributions to the community is a good thing.”

  • Sean Owczarek ’11