Last Friday as students headed back to Yale at the end of spring break, a vintage shirt collection returned to New Haven as well.

Gant is reissuing a limited edition Yale Co-op shirt collection, based on original 1960s designs that were sold in the Yale Co-Op, the university bookstore at the time. The shirts are currently sold in New Haven and New York stores and will also be available online in April. The collection marks the start of Gant’s long-term arrangement with Yale to use the university’s name.

“From a historical standpoint, this is a very significant reintroduction for Gant, one that really brings to life the origins of our great brand,” said Douglas Geller, Gant’s director of marketing and public relations.

The company believes that Yale helped Gant become popular for Ivy League and other university campuses across the country.

Gant President and CEO Ari Hoffman said his store hopes this collection will appeal to nostalgic Yale alumni who fondly remember the Co-Op bookstore.

“It certainly appeals to Yale alumni and will hopefully trigger with new students some of the history of Yale,” Hoffman said.

While the shirt material will be similar to that of the shirts sold in the 1960s, the cut of the shirts has been updated.

This collection may lead to more Gant clothing with the Yale name attached.

“This is the beginning of a long term agreement between the university and Gant to stock Yale Co-Op branded shirts in our stores,” Geller said. “New styles, fabrics, and colors will be added each season as this partnership continues to expand.”

Gant worked closely with Yale’s licensing department to use the Yale name.

Stephanie Swartz, Yale associate secretary and director of marketing & trademark licensing, was not able to be reached for comment.

“We’re thrilled that Yale agreed [to let us use the trademark],” Hoffman said. He added that the procedures were slightly more complicated than others because Gant is using the Yale Co-Op name.

Hoffman said that Gant looked back in their archives from the late 60s to study fabric swatches and styles.

The shirts are presented in original packaging and “folded to original specifications taken from the era,” according to a press release from the brand.

The new Yale Co-Op shirt collection retails for $115.