• Raymond Clark III will serve 44 years in prison for the murder and sexual assault of Annie Le GRD ’13 — but the legal saga surrounding Le’s death could be far from over. Two legal experts said the sentence, which could have stretched as long as 80 years under state guidelines, is not unexpected. While Clark is guaranteed to serve out his entire sentence — parole is not allowed for murder convictions, said David Strollo, one of Clark’s prosecutors — the question still remains whether the Le family will pursue civil lawsuits against Yale or other parties.
  • All but eight of the roughly 60Yale students and faculty who were in Japan at the time of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami have left the country, Donald Filer, associate secretary and director of International Affairs, said in an interview Sunday night. The earthquake and tsunami, which ravaged the country’s northeastern coast and caused two nuclear power plants to explode, prompted concerns among the international community — including Yale administrators — about the risks of remaining in the country.
  • Al Sharpton, the national civil rights figure and former presidential candidate,headlined a rally last Monday hosted by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, which represents five city unions. As they marched across the New Haven Green towards City Hall, hundreds of union supporters accused Mayor John DeStefano Jr. of trying to balance the city’s budget on the backs of middle class workers. Sharpton and the protestors criticized DeStefano for being unwilling to negotiate with the unions, a charge DeStefano said was “categorically untrue.”


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Correction: March 21, 2011

An earlier version of this article misstated the number of students still in Japan.