My home state of New Mexico is landlocked. I am not anywhere near a beach, nor do I have any plans to be near a beach. But the weather is getting warm again, and I’m feeling a strong wave of nostalgia for those lazy beachside summer days. Plus, it’s Spring Break, so as you read this, you probably aren’t in a landlocked state. Here are some beach songs for your early spring afternoons — and my budding jealousy.

“Golden Age,” Beach Fossils

This ode to teenage years and summertime follies centers on immortality, the sunbleached feeling.

“Prophecy,” Adam and the Amethysts

Don’t be fooled by the cover art’s winter weather and this Montreal band’s pervasive “Canadiana,” as the music blog Said the Gramophone coined the group’s sensibility — this song is like getting freckles on your shoulders or a spoonful of honey in a picnic basket: simple, warm and joyful.

“Crazy Beautiful Life,” Ke$ha

There’s nothing particularly beachy about this song, but it makes me think of the carelessness of vacation living. Ke$ha’s music (and most pop music for that matter) is about romanticizing that youthful cycle of going out, passing out, brunching and doing all again. Even though that life is just a dream, on Spring Break, we all come closest to achieving it.

“Steal My Sunshine,” Len

This nineties gem has always sounded like a day at the beach crammed into four minutes and eight seconds. The song refers to “a million miles of fun” at some point — that’s what any good Spring Break should be.