Inspired by the sun’s decision to venture out from behind the clouds, I chose to ignore the impending crush of papers and exams and took a leisurely stroll out to Pot au Pho at 77 Whitney Ave. Although I had passed the restaurant before — always taking note of its unusual window display — I had never gone inside until now.

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I was given a choice between eating upstairs, which has a small seating section by the entrance, or downstairs, which has more seating and mood lighting. Taking advantage of the afternoon sun, I chose to sit upstairs by the window. Once seated, I was promptly given a menu, promptly asked for my order and promptly served.

Naturally, I ordered pho ($9.85), a Vietnamese beef and noodle dish with French influences (Get it? “pot-au-feu”). The other entrees generally fell between a $10 and $15 range.

The steaming bowl came with onions already mixed in, a side of bean sprouts (which were less than fresh), basil and a wedge of lemon. The broth itself was good — a little greasier than I was used to, but the fattier the better, right? The dish also featured thickly sliced cooked beef brisket, not raw beef, which was a little too tough for this lazy chewer.

Overall though, the pho was phocking great. I managed to get halfway through my bowl before feeling like I might burst and became suddenly grateful for the sunny trek home.