Yes, you’ve heard. James Franco GRD ’16 tweeted about us. He linked to a photo of himself on his WhoSay with “F— the Yale Daily News” scrawled across his face. Commenters on Franco’s post pointed to our writer Cokey Cohen’s blog post and Cohen herself has responded. But the commenters also said some other things (one posted the poem “Mutability”). Here’s a sampling in no particular order:

1) You need to stop using paint dude..


2) I just read the article about how you badly tweet…All I can say is if they dont like it they dont have to follow you very simplle. There is no need for an article about it my god dont people have better things to do than critizing your tweetings.

3) Yale Daily News can see this photo and die inside.

But then again…they aren’t cool enough to read what’s on this photo because IT IS TOO COOL FOR THEIR COMPREHENSION.


4) I work for a private daycare/kindergarten for the yale community…and some of the students who come to observe for classes are so odd…not to mention the ones that frequent the new haven bars can be so pretentious…

5) James Franco is Superman. I guess some of the Yalies don’t know what to make of a man who has a brain, talent and can fill out ballet tights so well. You look very fierce in that f-u photo too. 🙂

6) y u no marry me