At Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Maya Seidler ’11 watched from the audience as her father, David Seidler, won an Oscar for his original screenplay for “The King’s Speech.” After flying back to John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday night, Seidler shared a few thoughts on what she called a “surreal” experience.

Q. How did feel to watch your dad win an Oscar last night?

A. I mean it was really, really wonderful. It was very surreal, but really wonderful. And it was great to see him [win] after actually seeing the evolution of how the script came about, and what it lead to.

Q. In what way did you see the script evolve?

A. He had the idea to write it a long, long time ago, before I was born. He really started writing it when I was still in high school. I saw it going from something he was very passionate about to a project everyone really loved. That was wonderful to see.

Q. Had you been at the Oscars before?

A. This was my first time. I usually watch it at home with my parents, with pizza and ice cream sandwiches.

Q. So what did you think?

A. It was really fun and very, very surreal. It was so strange to see the other side of it, and to be there. It was very cool to actually see what the red carpet is like, to see what happens during commercial breaks, and just being in the room with everyone.

Q. What does happen during commercial breaks?

A. There’s sort of like a milling about. Everybody runs to try to get to the restroom in time. Usually you don’t make it, and you have to wait until the next break. Anne Hathaway came out a couple of times to do some food raffle things for the audience, to keep us entertained.

Q. Besides your dad’s win, did you have any especially exciting moments?

A. At one point, Javier Bardem was standing behind us, chatting with my dad, saying ‘What a great job you did.’ That was surreal.