Life is like an inbox of chocolates. Yalies got a hint that actor Tom Hanks would speak at Class Day Friday when Class Officers Mathilde Williams ’11 and Cathy Lew ’11 sent a cryptic e-mail. The subject line read “No crying on Class Day because…” — a reference to Hanks’ famous line from “A League of Their Own.” The body of the e-mail said “You’ve got a friend in me,” linking to a video of the song by Randy Newman from “Toy Story.”

Hanks was not the only person with Yale ties at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Sunday night. Hanks gave away the first two awards, Bruce Cohen ’83 produced the event, and Maya Seidler ’11 was spotted in the audience with her father, David Seidler, who won best original screenplay for “The King’s Speech” and thanked her in his acceptance speech.

Meanwhile, James Franco GRD ’16 hosted the Oscars with actress Anne Hathaway and was nominated for best actor in a leading role. Franco also took home the best actor award at the Spirit Awards Saturday for “127 Hours.”

Sterling Memorial Library was evacuated around 10:45 p.m after a fire alarm sounded. Bass Library remained open.

Making a run for it. Political blog Daily Ructions reported Wednesday that Elizabeth Esty LAW ’85 — wife of Yale professor Dan Esty LAW ’86 — will run for Democrat Chris Murphy’s seat in the House of Representatives next year. Murphy is running for Joseph Lieberman’s ’64 LAW ’67 Senate seat.

Rebound. After his “Breakup Notifier” application was shut down by Facebook, Dan Loewenherz ’09 created the “Crush Notifier.” In the app, users can “crush” friends anonymously and both parties will be notified if the crush is mutual, reported.

Need answers? Jeff Rosen ’11 e-mailed students this weekend inviting them to join “Campus Advice,” the website he and Doug Von Kohorn ’11 created. It allows students to post questions to be answered by other Yalies. Sample question include: “What is proper Toad’s etiquette?”

So many bagels. In his weekly e-mail to Branfordians Sunday, Master Steven Smith mentioned the morning’s bagel brunch and said he “figured out that over the past 15 years as Master [he has] sliced and served around 6,000 bagels for these Sunday brunches.”


1939 New Haven police are asked to enter the search for Claire Hanish, 19, the Junior Prom date of Robert C. Curry ’41. In a nine-state broadcast, police say Hanish’s parents had not seen her since Feb. 24.