Who needs superman when you have Dan Loewenherz ’09?

Yale alum and creator of banned Facebook app “Breakup Notifier” comes once more to the rescue of lonesome hearts. After Facebook judged “Breakup Notifier” as “spam,” he has created “Crush Notifier,” an application that permits you to “crush” on your friends. (Of course, in the spirit of his past creation, they cannot know about it). If your friend “crushes” you back you are both notified by e-mail.

“I wanted to release something new today that would be 100% positive. Something that helps create relationships,” Loewenherz wrote on the Crush Notifier Blog.

Because letting them know through a Facebook app is totally not awkward and creepy. Take a look at the rules! (?)

The Rules:

  1. Everyone gets two Crushes for free. To get more, you can either enter your friends’ emails, or use Facebook Credits. We don’t store their email addresses and only use them to notify that they’ve been crushed. They’ll have no idea it came from you.

  2. If you crush someone, and they crush you back, we email you both. At that point, its up to you to let the magic happen.

  3. This is going to be a wholeeee lot of fun!

How is it fun? We don’t really get it.

[via pcmag.com and Runnin’ Scared]