This week on Off the Field athletes discuss a field they know well: sports! Kyle Dawson ’14 of the men’s tennis team, Elizabeth Epstein ’13 of the women’s tennis team, Naishadh Lalwani ’11, captain of the men’s squash team, Matt Miller ’12 of the men’s lacrosse team and Alyssa Roland ’11, captain of the women’s golf team dish on all things sports.

1) Who is your favorite athlete you plays your sport?

Dawson: LLeyton Hewitt

Epstein: Martina Hingis

Lalwani: Jonathan Power

Miller: Michael McCormack (Yale sophomore defenseman)

Roland: Camillo Villegas

2) Who is your favorite athlete (any sport)?

Dawson: Derek Jeter

Epstein:Michael Phelps

Lalwani: Roger Federer

Miller: Alexander Ovechkin

Roland: Michael Phelps

3) If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

Dawson: Baseball

Epstein: Golf

Lalwani: Tennis


Roland: Field hockey or curling

4) What is your favorite moment in sports history?

Dawson: Duke winning the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament

Epstein: When the Chicago Bulls won their 6th NBA title

Lalwani: Federer finally winning the French Open was a beautiful moment

Miller: Mario Chalmers’ shot in the 2008 NCAA Basketball Championship game to send Kansas into overtime with Memphis

Roland: 1985 Villanova National Championship in basketball

5) What is a sport you don’t understand, and why don’t you understand it?

Dawson: Curling- I have no idea what the rules are.

Epstein: I don’t understand Cricket, partly because I never watch it, but also because I don’t know anyone who plays it.

Lalwani: Curling. I have no idea what they are doing and why they are doing it. Miller:Gymnastics – I don’t understand how they can do all those flips and twists.

Roland: Golf, still trying to figure it out.

6) What is the best rivalry in sports history?

Dawson: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Epstein: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Lalwani: India vs. Pakistan

Miller:Yankees vs. Red Sox

Roland: Harvard vs. Yale