This is a regular feature that will take a look at what’s going on at other schools in the Ivy League.

Harvard University

Tigers in Cambridge? Apparently so. On Tuesday, “Tiger Mom” and Yale Law School professor Amy Chua made an appearance at the Harvard Book Store to talk about her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” The event was followed by a forum sponsored by the Harvard Political Union and the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian-American Association.

Princeton University

Junior Caroline Shifke shattered the Ivy-covered glass ceiling on Tuesday after being elected the first female president of Princeton’s first eating club, Ivy Club. She joins juniors Julia Blount, recently elected president of Quadrangle Club, and Susan Zhang, president-elect of Colonial Club. Congratulations, ladies.

Columbia University

Columbia’s campus remains divided over the potential return of ROTC to the University. On Tuesday, the eve of the third school-wide ROTC town hall, members of the Coalition Against ROTC at Columbia held a panel discussion for professors and students, who laid out arguments against ROTC’s return and responded to media coverage that they felt inaccurately depicted them as rude and unpatriotic.

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth’s Green Team took their student-run bystander intervention program for a trial run on Friday during a party hosted by sorority Epsilon Kappa Theta. Green Team members, who monitor campus events and check student identification to “reduce alcohol harm on campus,” were also responsible for distributing bread sticks and water bottles from a “party pack” provided by the Greek Leadership Council.

University of Pennsylvania

Smoking and smoking bans are all the rage on Ivy League campuses this month. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) may implement a no-smokers hiring policy, although an official decision has not yet been released. According a comment by HUP spokeswoman Susan Phillips to The Daily Pennsylvanian, the Hospital is “committed to having a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees and are concerned with the health impacts of smoking.”

Brown University

Brown’s Production Workshop is putting on a one-hour production of “Hamlet” for a grand audience of … one person. In this theater experience, there is only one audience member who takes on the role of Hamlet’s confidante and is able to follow him through the events of the play as they unfold. The show runs until Feb 26.

Cornell University

Cornell tackled its high-stress academic environment on Tuesday during a student assembly presidential debate, where candidates discussed strategies to boost mental health. Candidate junior Natalie Raps, current vice president of communications, even quoted Spider-man during her campaign speech, arguing that “with great power comes great responsibility.”