Apparently it’s not just Harvard.

Ten minutes after the Crimson reported that Harvard is planning to reinstate early action for the class of 2016, the Daily Princetonian posted an article announcing Princeton’s decision to do the same. Of the Yale-Harvard-Princeton trio, Yale was the only one not to discontinue its early action program in 2006.

In a press release this morning, Princeton President Shirley Tilghman said Princeton was pleased with the results of Princeton’s single admission program, but that the University had “hoped other colleges and universities would do the same and they haven’t.”

Tilghman said in the press release that one reason Princeton reinstated early action was that applicants would apply early to other schools even if they thought of Princeton as their first choice.

Before abolishing the early admission program in 2006, Princeton had a binding early decision program, in which students applying early had to commit to attending the University if accepted. In this new program, the Princetonian reported, students do not have to inform the university if they are attending until the spring.