Yalies can now add one more locale to their list of study haunts: Mory’s.

About 15 students took advantage of the new study venue Tuesday, the first day of an initiative that seeks to increase student involvement in the eating club since it reopened last August, said Student Board President Steven Blumenfeld ’11. The opening, which is the brainchild of Mory’s new 18-member Student Board that was formed last month, will allow Yale students to work and eat between 2 and 5 p.m. every Monday to Thursday. Students will not need to make any purchase to study at the restaurant, but will be able to buy food and drinks from the pub menu.

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Murphy Temple ’12, a member of the Student Board, proposed the idea of opening Mory’s to students as part of her application to the board.

“I think Mory’s as a space has been associated with revelry and student fellowship,” she said. “And I think that idea can transfer through to studying.” (Temple is a former photography editor for the News.)

While the new development will increase Mory’s revenue, the amount will be generally negligible, Temple said. Instead, the opening aims to emphasize the value of Mory’s as a club, she said, adding that she hopes using Mory’s as a study space will encourage more students to join.

“It is a student club, so they want to be able to use it as their own space,” Temple said. “If students become comfortable with the place for more than meals, I think the hope is that they will come at other times.”

Dining manager Sarah Donovan said catering to students’ wishes for a quiet study place fits well with both the club’s and Yale’s missions.

“When we heard about students wanting a place to study … we decided we were going to provide the best cozy, quiet place we can for them,” she said.

The students who showed up Tuesday afternoon overcrowded the President’s Room and spilled into the library. Originally, the Governor’s Room had been advertised to students as the study space, but it was being used for a private function at the time, Blumenfeld said, adding that at least one room will be available every day.

Anthony Berryhill GRD ’11 said Mory’s offers a quieter space to study and fewer distractions, adding that he intended to return there to study in the future.

“It is about involvement with Mory’s, it is not so loud, and you can have wonderful food,” said Hannah Earl DIV ’12, when asked about why she chose to study there.

She said she had often wanted to drop by the club for coffee and food in the afternoons, but until now, it had not been convenient to do so. Previously, only the Temple Bar at the back of Mory’s was open at the same hours, she said.

Drew Ruben ’11, co-owner of Blue State Coffee, said he did not think the availability of Mory’s as a study venue would affect sales at his York Street store when interviewed Tuesday.

“I think Mory’s study break is a great idea and will likely take advantage of it myself,” he said.

A Mory’s student membership, which lasts until graduation, costs $15, and includes a $10 food credit.