A Yalie is behind the latest in stalker technology. Dan Loewenherz ’09 created a Facebook application that allows users to track the relationship statuses of friends, the New York Daily News reported Monday. Within less than one day of existence, over 100,000 people started using the “Breakup Notifier.”

You get a conference! You get a conference! “Global Oprah: Celebrity as Transnational Icon,” a conference whose sponsors include the American Studies and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies departments will be held at Yale this weekend. The first lecture begins Friday at 9:30 a.m. and will be on the subject of “Oprah Abroad: Watching Talk in Lebanon and Ireland.”

The Trumbull college buttery is missing a cabinet door. According to a college-wide e-mail from the buttery manager, the door, which has been lost since Wednesday, “misses the warm bosom of the Buttery.” They further warned: “Drunken shenanigans that involve tearing a cabinet door off of its hinges are not cool in any fashion. It’s like ripping a tiny hole in the heart of Mama Trumbull.”

Smoke in. A group called the “Yale Committee for Freedom” protested Yale’s proposed smoking ban on Wall Street Tuesday afternoon. About 30 people gathered, passed out free tobacco products and asked passersby to sign a petition opposing the ban.

Retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who teaches a seminar on leadership at Yale, contributed a piece entitled “It Takes a Network” to the March/April issue of Foreign Policy. “[J]ust like their allies in al Qaeda, this new Taliban is more network than army, more a community of interest than a corporate structure,” he wrote.

The Senior Class Gift campaign ended Tuesday . The class of 2011 raised over $40,000 with over 97 percent participation. Silliman, Saybrook, Calhoun, Jonathan Edwards and Ezra Stiles colleges each reported 100 percent participation.

The perfect Friday class. Branford College Master Steven Smith e-mailed seniors in the college to tell them it will host a “Classic Cocktails” seminar Friday. He said students will learn from a mixologist from “Crown 116,” adding that the bar is “one of the coolest bars in New Haven.”


1970 Sterling Professor of Romance Languages and former Master of Timothy Dwight College Thomas G. Bergin ’25 is named Commander in the Order of Merit by the Italian government.