Last Friday, the website of rapper Lupe Fiasco listed an upcoming performance at Yale on April 26, the date of Spring Fling. While the posting was later taken down and the Yale College Council has declined to comment on Spring Fling performances until the lineup is finalized, it appears that Lupe will perform at the concert. Students this morning shared their thoughts on the artist and the choice to have him play at this year’s show.

“I’d heard of him, but I’ve heard maybe only one or two of his songs. I’m not that familiar with him. I’m not excited or disappointed; I don’t care that much. I’ll probably still go [to Spring Fling]. There are [other artists I’d like to see], but probably not ones they can get. I did like when the Decemberists came in 2009.”

  • Becky Sackler ‘12

“I’m definitely planning to go. I have heard Lupe Fiasco before and I like a lot of his stuff. I’m really excited he’s coming. I think they did a good job picking. It’s just my choice of music. I listen to what I think sounds good, and that’s Lupe!”

  • Andrew Winter ’14

“I’m planning to go to the concert regardless of who’s going to be there. I guess I could be more excited about it. Lupe is not someone to get as hugely excited about as Lady Gaga. But I will go, just for a fun time.”

  • Yuval Bussi ’13

“I’ve just heard this one song [by Lupe]; I think he has one really good song. I’m OK with him coming, I’m not that excited, but I’m not outraged or anything. Personally, I’ll go just because I’m a senior. It’s my last Spring Fling. I think that holds true for most people. But I also know people who are like, ‘Why did we get Lupe Fiasco?’ I don’t think he’s that popular on campus.”

  • Varun Purandare ‘11

“I have no idea who he is. I’m also a freshman so I’ve never been to Spring Fling. I don’t really know what it is. I don’t really care.”

  • Emily Miller ’14