Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But if you can’t fool me either time? That’s a bit embarrassing.

Last weekend, a group claiming to be the University of Pennsylvania’s Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) tried to fool IvyGate by claiming Penn’s Spring Fling would be headlined by Lupe Fiasco and Sum 41.

The prank mimicked another failed attempt to fool the blog in 2008, when the faux-SPEC claimed the event would be headlined by “Limp Bizkit!!!”

“Maybe it’s a prank? If so, it is an idea so perfect in concept, so elegant in detail and design (press embargo! exclamation points!) that we’ll have to bow down to whoever came up with it,” quipped IvyGate when the first attempt crossed their paths.

However, this year it seems the pranksters were a bit more prepared, writing a more official looking letter and using the email domain “,” albeit their Photoshop skills could still use some work.

IvyGate wasn’t sarcastic this time, just hurt.

“People can be just plain-out mean spirited,” opened today’s blog post.

While Penn’s students may be disappointed by a lack of Lupe, they can always come to New Haven and see him perform at Yale’s Spring Fling.

Last year IvyGate tried to pull a prank on Yalies by posting on April 1 that MGMT canceled their Spring Fling performance. The band hadn’t, but still didn’t live up to expectations.