As part of a “sickout,”17 New Haven police officers called in sick from their overnight shifts last night.

New Haven Police Department Chief Frank Limon will “investigate and take appropriate action” against officers who did not have a legitimate reason not to report for duty, according to a press release sent out by city spokesman Adam Joseph. In the aftermath of the laying off of 16 cops and a subsequent rally of officers outside City Hall, tensions between the city and the police department are running high.

After the layoffs announced yesterday, the Mayor John DeStefano Jr. denounced calls by union leadership for New Haven residents to “arm themselves” for protection.

The job cuts came after months of confrontations between the mayor and several public employee unions, including the police union, about cost-saving reforms to their benefits packages.

“Taxpayers cannot afford to continue footing the bill for these unsustainable benefit plans,” DeStefano said in the press release. “I expect the men and women of the New Haven Police Department to do their jobs like everyone else. End of story.”