This week, swimming changed things up. Thanks to their swimming win, Stiles jumps over Morse and quickly approaches Davenport in the standings. Meanwhile, Jonathan Edwards used swimming and strong performances against Trumbull to increase its lead over Saybrook and Trumbull. Calhoun minimizes the lead TD has for sixth.

Saybrook played JE in most sports, and Trumbull played undefeated Calhoun in water polo to share the regular season title. Bowling wraps up for the season today.

  1. Jonathan Edwards, 899.5 points

  2. Saybrook, 820 points

  3. Trumbull, 779.5 points

  4. Silliman, 635 points

  5. Berkeley, 600.5 points

  6. Timothy Dwight, 566.5 points

  7. Calhoun 558 points

  8. Branford, 473 pints

  9. Davenport 442.5 points

  10. Ezra Stiles, 429 points

  11. Morse, 411 points

  12. Pierson, 279.5 points