Several colleges had break away performances this week in IMs. Davenport was able to pull away from a Morse team that had caught up with them last week. Meanwhile, Silliman sped past Berkeley and Timothy Dwight in the battle for fourth place. Jonathan Edwards stayed in the lead, but Saybrook narrowed their lead from last week’s standings by 10 points. Trumbull remained a constant 80 points behind JE.

Highlights for next week include the swim meet final on Tuesday. JE, Saybrook and Trumbull will be the top three seeds in that contest. Also on Tuesday, JE’s and Morse’s hockey teams will face off in a battle of undefeateds.

Current Tyng Cup Standings

  1. Jonathan Edwards 830.5 points

  2. Saybrook 784 points

  3. Trumbull 750.5 points

  4. Silliman 607 points

  5. Berkeley 578.5 points

  6. Timothy Dwight 561.5 points

  7. Calhoun 536 points

  8. Branford 452 points

  9. Davenport 411.5 points

  10. Morse 386 points

  11. Ezra Stiles 373 points

  12. Pierson 258.5 points