Add the Wall Street Journal to the growing list of Yale hockey fans.

The newspaper handed out awards — dubbed Golden Zambonis — Friday to some of its favorite college hockey rinks in the country. It recognized Yale’s Whale — better known as Ingalls Rink — as the best-designed rink in the nation.

The Journal did cite an opposing opinion: Harry S. Truman called Ingalls a “nightmare” once when he visited campus.

But the Whale received praise from closer to home. Stuart Comen, better known as Silliman’s beloved Chef Stu, said the best seats in the house were not seats at all. Although he is on his feet for nine hours a day in the Silliman kitchen, he stands on the ramp encircling the rink for all of Yale’s games.

The Journal included a photo essay on the Whale. Yale hockey fans might need it to tide them over, as the Elis play away for the next two weekends before ending their regular season at home with games on Feb. 25 and 26.