With one of the worst winters in recorded history, Boola-Boola wanted to see how Yale athletes were faring. We talked to men’s lacrosse midfielder Robby Berner ’12, women’s hockey forward Aleca Hughes ’12, wide receiver Chris Smith ’13 and cornerback Chris Stanley ’11.

1) Percentage decrease in your Toad’s attendance during the winter

Berner: 50 percent.

Hughes: I probably haven’t been more than three times since the season really got under way, and in the off-season i probably go 4-5 times a month. So I don’t know what the math is on that.

Smith: I would say it was more of an increase.

Stanley: 50 percent.

2) Froyo World in the winter?

Berner: Yes.

Hughes: Not once.

Smith: 0…counting calories.

Stanley: First time last week…tasty.

3) Number of times you slipped on the ice last week

Berner: One.

Hughes: Once…walking back from the rink. Not my finest moment.

Smith: 1/2…luckily saved myself to avoid embarrassment.

Stanley: Slipped – 36. Slipped and disaster ensued – once.

4) Number of self-declared snow days

Berner: Zero.

Hughes: Zero. Early morning practice has got me out of bed on those snowy days.

Smith: Two…both Thursdays…penny drinks are tough to recover from.

Stanley: Snow days? For me? Never…

5) Favorite snow activity

Berner: Watching movies.

Hughes: Playing pond hockey and skiing.

Smith: Throwing snowballs.

Stanley: Snow angels.