Kate Parker ’11 returned to her suite in Swing Space 432 on Sunday night to a nasty surprise — the skylight in her room had fallen in due to heavy snow accumulation, causing water damage to her bed and soaking everything else.

“I heard water leaking as soon as I got in,” she said. “Then when I went into my room I discovered a big gaping hole in the wall.”

Parker said Yale facilities staff had boarded up the gap with plywood, and a permanent replacement would be coming sometime in the next few weeks, though she was not sure of the exact timeline.

In the meantime, Parker said Ezra Stiles Master Stephen Pitti had offered to house her in his guest suite. She declined, choosing instead to stay with a friend.

And this isn’t the first time a skylight has fallen in — Parker said Pitti told her it was the second time in two weeks that such an event had occurred in Swing Space. She added that Yale Facilities appeared to have inspected all the other fourth floor rooms in Swing Space to ensure skylights were affixed properly, and had cleared off the roofs to minimize the risk of a repeat occurrence.