UPDATED: 11:47 a.m. The competition to elect one of this year’s “50 Most Beautiful People” on campus through a Facebook voting system is getting fierce. The top three contenders as of 11:45 a.m. were Yale College Dean Mary Miller GRD ’81 with 618 votes, Steven Mendoza ’14 with 284 votes and Natalia Garza ’14 with 201 votes.

In an email sent out to the FOOT leader panlist, a leader urged the others to vote for Mendoza. He wrote:

So, FOOT loves freshmen, and there’s this one freshman who is in the middle of an epic battle for first place on the Rumpus’ 50 Most online list. His name is Stephen Mendoza, and he has two tattoos, one mohawk, and the heart of a lion. He’s a hilarious kid, and it would be awesome if you took some time out of your nights to make his day.

Please vote for him, because I want to read his paragraph if he wins.

Also, success here might translate into him finally replacing Charlie Sheen on the hit comedy Two and a Half Men-dozas.

The battle continues…