I’ve been really sick for a few weeks now. While convalescing, I made a playlist of new music to try to heal myself with tunes. Here is an excerpt for your listening pleasure. Spread music, not disease!

Vivian Girls, “I Heard You Say”

The Vivian Girls’ new album, “Share the Joy,” comes out on April 15; this is the first single. The song is a little slower than their older material, but the dissonance and girl-group harmonies fit right in.

The Luyas, “Too Beautiful to Work”

The title track from the Luyas’ upcoming sophomore album just might be the prettiest song I’ve heard in ages, even though the orchestration seems a bit tenuous, like it could all fall apart at any moment.

Women, “Bullfight”

Women may or may not have broken up a few months ago after two band members exchanged punches on stage; the situation is unclear. But I hope they get back together! They have an almost unmatched ability to make minimalist, urgent and captivating songs — “Bullfight” certainly lives up to that.

Puro Instinct, “Stilyagi”

Puro Instinct’s debut album, “Headbangers In Ecstasy,” will be released on Feb. 22. “Stilyagi,” the first track, mixes an eighties sensibility with inspiration from Californian and Russian styles, and based on the results, let’s hope the rest of the album does, too. Lo-fi pioneer/creeper Ariel Pink guest stars on this track, which makes for an eerie and interesting listen at the very least.