ACE New Music doesn’t believe good music and accessible music need to be mutually exclusive. The group has been known to bring in cellos, synthesizers, electric guitar-violin hybrids and beep-boxers. They’ve also revamped the Pierson Music Room with all kinds of crazy equipment.

ACE’s newest concert, “Chamber Rock” kicks off this Saturday at 7pm at the Whitney Humanities Center and features seven of the group’s pieces — including four premiers — and one piece by Julie Hill performed by School of Music students.

One of the premiering pieces is Alex Weiser’s ’11 “Der Dopple Rocker,” which uses dramatic chord progressions in the guitar and piano, trading the melody line between the two while the other plays chords. This phenomenon is interesting at first but becomes tiresome after a while. Still, the haunting melodies are fun to listen to even though they feel drawn out.

The group is also taking a crack at Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 1 in C, a song that anyone who has ever taken piano lessons should know. Andi Zhou ’13 has written a rock band version. My initial thought was “don’t mess with Mozart,” but the piano line is unaltered, the drums sparing and the guitar chords, quite logical. It’s no where near as offensive as I thought it would be.

Go to this concert. Whether you’re an avid classical music fan or a hard rocker, your musical mind will be challenged in new ways. This one’s safe; you won’t be bored.