Most Americans agree: Our Federal Drug Prohibition, aka The War on Drugs, is an ongoing calamity, a colossal failure and a national disgrace. Due to strongly entrenched vested interests and tightly organized criminal enterprises in all branches and levels of government, public debate and input on this subject has been systematically repressed and shoved aside for more than 45 years.

Even such simple ideas as allowing individual states the option to try other approaches — as they have the right to do with alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, gambling and capital punishment — are never seriously discussed.

Although tens of millions of us have been imprisoned, and uncounted tens of thousands killed, legislators and politicians at all levels are terrified to address the issue.

We are facing an ongoing and perpetual War on Drugs. We live in a condition of Federal lock-down on this issue. How do we end this God forsaken war?

Forrest Fyre

Santa Fe, N.M.

Jan. 29

The writer is an actor for stage and screen.