@calhounatyale #collegesthattweet?

Students in Calhoun can now seek information through a new venue: a residential college Twitter account.

At a study break with sushi and wings Tuesday night, the Calhoun College Council officially unveiled the Twitter handle “calhounatyale,” CCC Vice President Nia Roberts ’11 said. As the page was projected onto a screen, the location and theme of Calhoun’s upcoming Feb. 25 screw (LoRicco Ballroom and Las Vegas) was revealed via tweet.

The brainchild of Natalie Papillion ’13, Calhoun’s Student Activities Committee chair, the Twitter page will post updates for Hounies on upcoming college events, such as study breaks, master’s teas, sports games and community service initiatives, CCC members said.

In addition to broadcasting official college news, the Twitter will also serve “a more casual, fun purpose,” CCC Co-President Josh Esquivel ’11 said.

“For example, the Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge was just completed by a Calhoun student. So we tweeted that,” he added.

The Twitter is also linked to a new Calhoun Facebook page, with tweets appearing as status updates that students sans Twitter but with Facebook can follow. CCC officers, as well as Calhoun’s master and dean, can post tweets.

Recent tweets include “Be careful on Science Hill. Lots of ice. Hounies should bring skates” and “How did we not make cross campus? #travesty.”