Challenge accomplished. Etkin Tekin ’12 became the first person to complete the Caseus Cheese Truck’s Cheese Truck Challenge on Friday. He ate 10 grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and guacamole in 32 minutes and four seconds. The sandwich is now named after Tekin, and his photo will appear on the truck’s menu board.

ROTC doubt? University of Florida law professor Diane Mazur expressed doubt in the New York Times Thursday regarding the return of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to Yale and Harvard. Mazur, the author of “A More Perfect Military,” explained in the article that the military has neither the staffing nor the funding to start a new ROTC unit.

Snow still an issue. Howe Street was blocked off most of Sunday by city trucks and bulldozers that were clearing the snow on the street. The National Weather Service is predicting “a significant winter storm increasing from late Monday night into Wednesday night.”

The city is in a state of “snow emergency,” according to press releases from City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga. “We’re not finished yet and in some parts of the city the effort is taking longer than we’d like it to,” Mayor John DeStefano Jr. said Sunday.

But students are still having fun with the snow. Students constructed an igloo in the Brothers in Unity courtyard in Branford College Thursday evening. Over the weekend, it began to melt, along with the rest of the campus.

“God Quad” is turning over a new leaf. The Branford College party suite invited students to attend a game night in an e-mail Sunday. “Although the God Quad has classically been a Branford rendition of Toad’s, we aspire to be more,” the message read.

Notice some extra chefs hats at dinner? The preliminary rounds for the Iron Chef Yale competition were held Sunday night. The final showdown between colleges will occur Feb. 24 in Commons.

Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies will adopt the new Yale College calendar, Jim Saiers, the environmental school’s associate dean for academic affairs, told the News Friday.


1940 Members of the Yale Record dress up as Union soldiers and protest a showing of “Gone with the Wind” in front of the Loew’s College theatre. They hold signs with slogans including “G.W.T.W. Unfair to the Union” and “Why Not Uncle Tom’s Cabin?”