ROTC’s return to Yale and other Ivy League universities that had banned the program might not be a guarantee, according to a Jan. 27 article in the New York Times.

Part of the reasoning behind the doubt is that the military has limited money to set up new Reserve Officers’ Training Corps units. Therefore, the military will evaluate schools that are interested in establishing ROTC programs to determine where funds could be more efficiently used, said Cynthia Smith, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon, last Wednesday.

Will Yale make the cut? Diane Mazur, a law professor at the University of Florida, a former Air Force officer and author of “A More Perfect Military” does not think so.

“I would be the most surprised person in the world if the military came back to Harvard or Yale. The military doesn’t have the staffing or the funding, and it’s very expensive to start a new R.O.T.C. detachment,” said Mazur.