Many came out to participate in the underclassmen versus upperclassmen snowball fight despite having early classes and homework to do.

There were many tactics in the fight. Some threw small chunks of snow, others pushed mounds of snow towards others, and one person brought a bucket to pour snow. Some people attended to talk to friends and take pictures.

Later, the fight moved to right outside of the Lanman-Wright Hall courtyard where the upperclassmen claimed to have “higher ground” while the underclassmen believe they had trapped their older counterparts.

People also threw large chunks of snow into suites in Durfee. After a while, the suite closed the window.

For those who wanted to just watch, it was fairly safe to stand on the edges of the fight. In fact, it was even fairly safe to cross enemy lines as a couple freshmen late arrivals entered into the L-Dub area in confusion.