Now that’s dedication. After learning that local buses would not run until 12 p.m., psychology professor Jeremy Gray walked three miles from Hamden, Conn., to make it to his 9 a.m. “Human Neuroscience” class Thursday.

Other professors took other measures. Professors Rüdiger Campe and R. Howard Bloch hitched rides from “generous passersby” after they discovered that buses were not in operation, Yale College Dean Mary Miller wrote in an e-mail to the News.

Bulldog! Bulldog! Bow wow wow! The American Kennel Club named the bulldog the sixth most popular dog in 2010. According to Reuters, this is the Yale mascot’s highest ranking in over a century.

For dining halls to be open, some staff slept in the residential colleges, Head of Residential Dining Regenia Phillips told the News Thursday.

Because of dining hall staff shortages, Silliman students were asked to use paper plates and plastic utensils.

Snowball fight! Yale B.U.T.A.N.E. (Bureau for Undergraduate Tradition and Nostalgic Enrichment) e-mailed students Thursday afternoon proclaiming a midnight underclassmen versus upperclassmen snowball fight on Old Campus. Freshmen and sophomores got the Durfee side. Juniors and seniors got Vanderbilt.

But if you’re into cute, Davenport Dean Craig Harwood invited students to help his children Asher and Ellie build a snow gnome. Because of the cold and a lack of help, they did not finish.

When Diana Kleiner, professor of the 9 a.m. “Roman Architecture” lecture, couldn’t get her car out of her driveway in Woodbridge, Conn., there was a “silver lining,” she said in an e-mail to students. The director of Open Yale Courses told them to listen to the lecture online. “This will give me a chance, with your help, to get a deeper sense of additional ways in which that initiative can be used,” she wrote.

A fire alarm on Broadway forced the New Haven Fire Department to close the street for a half an hour Thursday evening. The NHFD discovered the alarm came from Urban Outfitters, whose employees set it off while trying to repair the heating system.


1878 The Yale Daily News, then called “Yale News,” is founded. “The innovation which we begin by this morning’s issue is justified by the dullness of the times, and by the demand for news among us,” reads the opening sentence of the first issue.