Want to prove your snowball fighting prowess?

Earlier this afternoon, Yale BUTANE (Bureau for Undergraduate Tradition and Nostalgic Enrichment) sent out an email inviting all Yale undergraduates to an upperclassmen versus underclassmen snowball fight. The event will take place on Old Campus tonight at midnight.

Freshmen and sophomores should head towards the Durfee side of Old Campus, while juniors and seniors ought to steer towards the Vanderbilt side.

Yale BUTANE kindly attached a picture for those upperclassmen who may have forgotten the layout of Old Campus. “Dress warmly,” the email suggests.

So who will win out — the juvenile, youthful underclassmen or the wiser, more senile upperclassmen?

If you’re looking for milder snow fun, maybe your dean’s children will be out making snowmen like Davenport Dean Craig Harwood’s MUS ’02 two young children. In an email to Davenport College, Dean Harwood invited students to join in their fun. Unfortunately due to the cold weather and no help, the snowmen were not completed.