Could this be the next great love story in the making?

On Wednesday, the News received a love letter from a resident of Geneva, Switzerland — not from someone wishing to express his love for this publication, but from a man desperate to find a woman whose name he does not know.

The author wrote that he was visiting relatives in New Haven on Tuesday, Dec. 28; stopping in Atticus Bookstore/Café for lunch, he was “overcome with wonder” at the presence of a particular woman.

“She was of medium height, svelte with black or brown hair. Though fair, she had a little Mediterranean air about her,” he wrote. “She was indescribably graceful, what the French refer to by the elegant expression ‘la femme eternalle’.”

(Bad news, starry-eyed undergrads: the mystery woman “seemed more like a graduate or doctoral scholar than an undergraduate, a certain poise and maturity about her.”)

Though the author of the letter never spoke to this dazzling creature, he wrote that her presence affected him indescribably — as though he had been “brushed by the wings of an angel.”

Our Romeo said he spent three weeks waffling between attempting to contact his Juliet and letting her go, but he has apparently decided to find his dream girl. He knows it will not be easy:

It’s a tall, a very tall order I know, a lost cause in all probability. But then we are sometimes foolish enough to believe that a cause is never truly lost, never retired or expired in the plenitude of time; that through sheer human willpower and ingenuity, lost causes never die save by their success.

Are you a graceful graduate student? Were you dining with a group of five or six friends at Atticus at 1:00 p.m. on Dec. 28? Most importantly: do you want to meet your Swiss Romeo? Contact the News at