If the roughly 12.5 million volumes in Yale’s libraries weren’t enough for Yale students, they will now have access to 17 million more — thanks to Harvard.

The Harvard University Library will join the interlibrary sharing system, Borrow Direct, the Harvard Crimson reported. Harvard is the last Ivy League college to take part in the program, which allows students and staff to request volumes from other schools’ libraries. There are more than 45 million volumes currently in the system.

Some, like professor of German art and culture Jeffrey F. Hamburger ’79 GRD ’87, who chaired a Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences library advisory committee, told the Crimson that the university had concerns its library would be a net lender rather than a borrower.

“That said, there are areas in which other libraries have stronger collections than we do, and I think time will tell whether it’s the right decision,” he added.

Yale Associate University Library Kendall Crilly told the Crimson that the Yale University Library borrowed 30,763 volumes and loaned 20,633 through Borrow Direct in the 2010 fiscal year.