The No. 1 hockey team in the country has been inspiring fans recently to make the trek to Ingalls Rink in Yale colors.

Last week was the first time any of those fans became blue and white.

John Sullivan ’14 and Lea Hammer ’14 looked perfectly normal when they sat down in the student section before Saturday night’s game against St. Lawrence in sweats and overcoats. But when the visitors were called for a penalty early in the third period, the pair of Branford freshmen stripped off their outer layers to reveal skintight, one-piece nylon bodysuits that covered them from head to toe.

They then made their way to the visitors’ penalty box, where they taunted the imprisoned St. Lawrence defenseman with zany, spastic dances.

“Those were definitely not my Toad’s moves,” Hammer said in a message to the News. “Those moves are reserved for special occasions.”

The duo returned to bother St. Lawrence players on two later penalties, but were turned away on a fourth attempt by event staff and sent back to the student section. That earned the staffer a chorus of boos from the crowd.

The St. Lawrence players didn’t show much reaction to his taunts, Sullivan said, aside from trying to look around him when he obstructed view of the play on the ice. The official scorer — who sits next to the penalty box — revealed slightly more surprise.

“His eyes went kind of big and he looked pretty shocked when he looked over and saw us there,” Sullivan said.

The costumes — which were supposed to be Halloween costumes but came late in the mail — may or may not make another appearance. After all, Sullivan pointed out, the costumes had been around for months but, in true Yale fashion, it had taken time to put their plan into action.