Women’s hockey player Mandi Schwartz ’11 and her family elected to stop chemotherapy earlier this month, marking a drastic turn in her 25-month battle with leukemia. Her cancer returned in mid-December and grew aggressive by early January. Through a Facebook message, Schwartz shared words with members of the Facebook group “Become Mandi’s Hero” Saturday thanking the community for the support she has received throughout her fight with cancer:

Jan 7th was the hardest day of my life when the Doctor told my fiance and me that the AML could no longer be treated, BUT it was also a miraculous day because I believe I was healed and saved from Leukemia that day through Jesus stripes and in the name of Jesus. I want to thank everyone – all my family and old and new friends, people from all over the hockey world and world, and cancer survivors who have sent me healing prayers and supported me through this tough time. I think it is amazing how so many people have come together to support bone marrow, blood, cord blood and so many more causes to help others.

The message asks supporters worldwide to participate in “One Minute of Prayer Each Noon” for Schwartz.