The fund formerly known as Sudler is no more.

Last Friday, many students received e-mails from their residential college masters announcing the opening of spring applications for “Creative and Performing Arts Awards.” After a suggestion from Ezra Stiles College Master Stephen Pitti at the beginning of the academic year, the Council of Masters decided to both change the name of the Sudler Awards, prizes distributed to students hoping to direct projects in the arts, and move the application online.

But while the name of the award has changed, its function has not, said Pitti, who is the chair of the Council of Masters’ Creative and Performing Arts Committee.

“The [award] guidelines are nearly 100 percent the same as those that have governed the Sudler grants in recent years,” Pitti said in an e-mail.

As residential colleges developed more complete understandings of their own budgets and endowed funds at the beginning of the year, Calhoun College Master and Chair of the Council of Masters Jonathan Holloway said it seemed a good time to credit the funding of the artistic awards more accurately.

Jonathan Holloway said the name change reflects the fact that the awards have always been supported by multiple funds, though the Louis Sudler Fund has served as the primary benefactor. According to the website for the Creative and Performing Arts Awards, student projects are backed by the Welch Art Fund and the Bates Fund, in addition to the Sudler Fund.

“The Louis Sudler Fund provides significant support for undergraduate arts activities,” Dean of the Arts Susan Cahan said. “The name change simply acknowledges the existence of other contributors.”

Holloway said that the prize was originally named after Louis Sudler in recognition of the main source of funding, and it became an easy name for students to remember.

Holloway said that over time the name “Sudler Prize” or “Sudler Award” has become a colloquialism among Yale students and faculty. Since Holloway has been a master, he said, the deciding committee has technically been called the Creative and Performing Arts Committee — but even members of the Council of Masters have referred to it as the “Sudler Committee.”

“The bottom line is that students should not see any real change in access to or levels of support for their creative and artistic projects,” he said.

Applications must be submitted online by Monday, Jan. 24 at noon.