If you thought adorable animals showing up on doorsteps on cold winter nights only happened in story books, think again. Last Sunday, Kate Damon NUR ’12 found a skinny kitten “crying and shivering” on her doorstep.

A visit to the vet confirmed that the kitten is in good health, but, according to an email Damon circulated, her roommate is severely allergic to cats, so she had to give the kitten away for free. Saturday afternoon the kitten found an owner.

“There are all these waiting lists at the shelters, so I thought it would be better if we first emailed some people,” Damon said in a phone call with the News.

A description:

She loves curling up on my lap when I’m typing and on the foot of my bed at night, she is playful when I tease her with strong or put out grocery bags (classic kitten!), and she purrs like crazy each time I come home and every time I pet her. … she is litter box trained and even has a special (very polite) meow to ask for food. She is already putting on weight nicely and really enjoys lounging in front of the hot air vents in my apartment.

This just might be Yale’s addition to Cute Overload.