For college students, no carnal or epicurean pleasure can compare to a good old ego boost, according to a University of Michigan study.

When 152 University of Michigan students were asked to state their favorite activity from a large list of option that included getting a paycheck, eating food or hanging out with your best friend, results showed that self-esteem building activities triumphed over all others.

“Everybody likes compliments, but more than engaging in your favorite sexual activity? More than receiving a paycheck?,” said Brad Bushman, the study’s author. “I was surprised it was such a powerful thing that it trumped everything else.”

Carol Landau, a psychology professor at Brandeis University, notes that while a slice of pizza or even a hookup might come easily for the average college student, praise is more difficult to get or guarantee.

Obviously, the student subjects haven’t had a serving of Pepe’s or Sally’s pizza.

[via Jezebel]