Yale employees aren’t the only ones stirred up about the University payroll error that hit workers in same-sex marriages — the Human Rights Campaign is taking a stand as well.

The Human Rights Campaign has asked University officials to amend its plan for having roughly 60 employees repay funds Yale failed to withhold for 2010 federal taxes on domestic partner benefits. Affected employees will pay double in tax withholdings during 2011 because of the University’s mistake.

The error was Yale’s, the Human Rights Campaign asserted Wednesday, and the University should bear the burden of the mistake. Yale should not only absorb the cost of its mistake, Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said, but also assist employees in same-sex marriages in the future by reimbursing them for taxes on partner health benefit — a process termed “grossing up.”

Google and Facebook are among companies that have recently announced commitments to “grossing up” pay for LGBT employees who utilize domestic partner benefits.