Did you get spammed? A mass e-mail chain has been circulating between students on 37 panlists on Friday night.

The trouble all started when members of the production of the play “Seat Yourself” e-mailed students to advertise about their show. But they forgot to blind carbon copy (Bcc:) the panlists, which ranged from the Club Swim Team to Jews for Justice to Harriers of the Night.

This e-mail prompted one student to reply, “Can you stop sending me this sh*t?”

Soon all the mayhem started. Some annoyed students e-mailed everyone telling them to stop clicking “reply to all.” But that only fed the spammers, who posted inane remarks, asked for help to locate lost items—and one even announced her birthday.

Moral of this story: Please Bcc: your mass e-mails. Or else chaos will occur.