The Multiverse Undergraduate Fantasy And Science-fiction Association (MUFASA) sculpted a snow dalek today on Old Campus. A dalek is a genetically mutated extraterrestrial from the BBC science fiction television series “Doctor Who.” The snow creature, like its television doppelgänger, displayed a villainous robotic exterior with nobs and dials carved in the snow, which MUFASA founder and president Amymarie Bartholomew ’13 said could not be even slightly misshaped, as daleks are notoriously “obsessed with perfection.” Bartholomew said ten group members created the dalek in the three hours after a group dinner, adding that the cone-shaped snow creatures are common in “Doctor Who’s” native Britain.

“We made a lot of good jokes about daleks and science fiction in general,” Bartholomew said, adding that the group discussion such science fiction questions as whether their dalek could take on a borg (a Star Trek villain). “The likelihood that any random group on Yale campus would know what both of them are is pretty low.”

A smaller contingent of MUFASA members created a dragon on Cross Campus earlier in the afternoon.