Though most classes were in session Wednesday, students and New Haven residents alike took advantage of the snowy day by sledding down the hill behind the Yale Divinity School. Sledders used dining hall trays, plastic sheets, and ordinary sleds to make their descents. At least one student used a laundry basket.

But be careful with those trays. In an e-mail encouraging students to return dining hall property, Barbara Munck ’84, a Davenport senior administrative assistant, warned: “Seriously — many injuries occur every year from the use of cafeteria trays for sledding. Be safe and give the trays back to the Dining Hall.”

Snow or shine. Jonathan Ellman told students in his Wednesday “Organic Chemistry of Life Processes” class that he slept in Sterling Chemistry Lab Tuesday night to ensure he would make it to class on time.

Yale Nordic Ski Team members put Wednesday’s snow to use. They skied to class together from Cross Campus to Whitney Avenue without having to remove their skis, team member Anna Kellar ’12 wrote in an e-mail to the News.

Don’t mess with “Constitutional Law” professor Akhil Amar ’80 LAW ’84. Amar told his class Wednesday that he requested the Yale Bookstore order 320 textbooks for his popular course. After the store ordered only 40 and all copies sold out within the first day of their being available, Amar said he went “nuclear” on the store.

Students built an igloo in Silliman courtyard Wednesday using a recycling bin to create blocks of snow. The final product was over seven feet tall.

In other snow engineering news, the Multiverse Undergraduate and Science-fiction Association sculpted a snow dalek, a cyborg villain from the BBC television series “Doctor Who,” on Old Campus Wednesday.

But in case students didn’t want to go outside, Ezra Stiles Master Stephen Pitti made pancakes and bacon in the Swing Space buttery Wednesday. “Drop by, no need to put your snowboots on!” he wrote in an e-mail to Stilesians at 8:25 a.m.

Fire and Ice. Blanket and slipper-clad Saybrugian freshmen living in L-Dub were forced to evacuate entryways A through C last night because of a false fire alarm around 11p.m. Wednesday.


1919 The Student Council of the College decides it will hold a junior promenade.