The San Francisco Chronicle reported at 10:24 PST that Stanford has chosen its offensive coordinator, David Shaw, to lead the Cardinal football team after interviewing several internal candidates as well as Yale head football coach and Stanford alum Tom Williams. Thomas Beckett, director of athletics at Yale, said that immediately following Stanford’s announcement of Shaw for the position of head coach, Williams told him he was happy to continue to serve as head coach at Yale.

When asked if Williams would consider a position other than head coach within the Stanford football program, Beckett said that he assumed Williams would not pursue an alternative position, but that he was not in the position to address the matter.

“Coach Williams is a rising star in college coaching,” Beckett said. “We are thrilled he will be continuing to do his work with the students here at Yale and trying to build a championship team and to help our students both on and off the field. His ability as a mentor and teacher are extraordinary.”