Yale College is open and classes are on, but it’s not quite business as usual today.

Both Barnes & Noble and TYCO are closed, leaving some students at a loss for obtaining textbooks and course packets. Labyrinth Books happens to be open. But perhaps today is not fit for studying anyway: both Sterling and Bass libraries closed at noon, according to an e-mail sent by Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer to the community.

While dining halls will operate regularly, Durfees is closed and Au Bon Pain sits dark and empty. If you longing for coffee and snacks, both Blue State Coffees are open. And art lovers take note: the Yale Art Gallery and the Center for British Art are closed as well, according to Lorimer.

For your medical needs, Yale Health’s urgent care unit is open, as are the Student Health, Pharmacy, Laboratory, OB/GYN, Inpatient Unit, Infusion, Surgery, Care Coordination and Pediatric departments, Lorimer said.