On this final night before classes begin, students are complaining that the Online Course Selection and Online Course Information websites are moving slowly or not working at all.

Joan Rawlings, associate director of student information technology services, said there appears to be a problem with the web server that supports the online course applications, and she said information technology staff are trying to fix the problem.

Interim Registrar Eileen Quinn, who alerted Rawlings about the situation, said she had not known there was a problem when she was contacted by the News this evening. Rawlings said no emails have been sent to websis, which is an email account designed to field information technology questions from students.

Update: 12:23 a.m.

Shortly after midnight, Rawlings said the systems now appear to be working, but she has not received official word from Information Technology Services about what the problem was or if it has been completely corrected. The problems with OCS and OCI were resolved as of 12 a.m., according to the ITS Systems website.